Questions and Answers

Question Why should we buy information from TIP100.NET?
Instead you have to study, collect information from different sources or experience necessary to recognize lease bloodshed, to TIP100.NET - we will do it for you all share that with serious and the responsibility to bring victory for you.
Also, to TIP100.NET you will be assured not experience dropped charges taken by the defeat bargain (especially beginners), TIP100.NET will bring victory for you.
Question Tip TIP100.NET can provide free consult us before purchase?
  We apologize to you, TIP100.NET not provide free Tip
Question We can pay to buy tip in any way?
TIP100.NET will give you 3 options:
      Payment via PAYPAL
      Payment via bank transfer
      Payment by phone scratch cards (only applies to customers in Vietnam)
Question After payment to purchase a tip, we can get information Tip How?
  Information Tip You can click the "PURCHASE TIP" to get the information, or you can ask your TIP100.NET send information to a text message or email.
Question We have been offset new Tip Tip if not win?
  Sure, if you do not win Tip will be another winning tip in return.
Question We have received Leads joining or participating for the first time more than once?
Of course we have.
If you are a new player to join us, you will receive a discount of 30% for the first time.
If you are valued clients of us, we will have preferential policies for you.

All other inquiries can contact the Guest by sending a message to email Tip100